Snowflake Spiritualist Church Camp Meeting Association 

 261 Snowflake Circle,  Bellaire, Michigan 49615 

121st Camp Season
About Us

    Snowflake Spiritualist Camp has been in existence since 1899.

Snowflake Spiritualist Church Camp Association exists as a peaceful, natural sanctuary for the mind, body and soul of its members and friends, as an educational facility in the pursuit of knowledge and practice of Spiritualism as a religion, philosophy and science, and as a Spiritual Healing Center reaching out to the community in God's Light and Love.

Spiritualism is the Science, Philosophy and Religion of Continuous Life based on communication with this life and the Spirit World .

We welcome everyone to come visit our church and camp and to feel the peace, love and joy of the Christ Spirit here.  Learn about the beautiful teachings of Spiritualism

      2020-21 Camp Pastor Rev. John Stants

  •           OFFICIAL BOARD of TRUSTEES - 2020-21
  • President--Rev. Patricia Crawford Vice President--Rev. John Stants Secretary--Randy Wing Asst. Secretary--Kathryn Ryan Treasurer--Kevin Wing
            Trustee--Glen Crawford
Trustee--Rev. Carolyn 'Toc' Dunlap
Trustee--Jim O'Neal
Trustee--Rachel Platt
Trustee--Marc Ward

Alt. Trustee--Teri Homan
Alt. Trustee--Gary Leist
Alt. Trustee--Rev. Karol Stants

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