New Pastors:  Rev George & Rev Dianne Williams

New Rustic Road Sign Post Inside Camp


President Pat Crawford ORDAINED


Churchside trailer upgraded

New Road Sign on M-88

New septic drain field.

New Piano in church thanks to Nancy Sulz.
Giant wood cross in our Memorial Park across from the church.  
Thanks Randy Wing
& crew.

New church porch roof.

New sidewalks & handicap ramps.
Snowflake Spiritualist Church Camp Meeting Association 

7750 Snowflake Road (mail: 261 Snowflake Circle) ~ Bellaire, Michigan 49615 
Camp Phone  
(231) 735-7507
118th Camp Season
Home Page         The Little White Church in the Woods
                            Where healing of the body and soul can be
                                 experienced by those who seek and believe.

Snowflake Spiritualist Church Camp

CLOSED for the Season
See you next May
God bless you 

Starting August 21, 2017

10:00 AM  Spiritual Healing Service
10:30 AM  Worship Service w/ Messages
WEDNESDAY: All classes are now over for this year.  Thank you to everyone who attended and to our wonderful facilitators, Rev George & Rev Dianne Williams for making them so informative, interesting & fun.
10:00 AM  Bible Study - Book of Genesis
  1:30 PM  Basic Numerology (August) ~ Study of Ruins (September)
  7:00  PM  Mediumship Development

FRIDAY:  8:00 PM  Meditation & Message Circle

Regular Weekly SUMMER Schedule
(Now Finished for this year)
10:00 AM  Spiritual Healing Service
10:30 AM  Worship Service w/ Messages
12:15 PM  Pot Luck Supper
  6:00 PM  Spiritual Healing Service
  6:30 PM  All Message Service
  7:00 PM  Worship Service
TUESDAY:  7:00 PM 
Different classes each week on a variety of Spiritual topics by various ministers

10:00 AM  Bible Study - Book of Genesis
  1:30 PM  Natural/Universal Laws (June)
  History of Spiritualism through mini biographies of mediums (July)
  Ten Commandments (1st 2 weeks of August)
  Basic Numerology (last 2 weeks of August)

  7:00  PM  Mediumship Development
FRIDAY:  8:00 PM  Meditation/Message Circle

Be sure to check our Special Events page to see what else is happening like our Silver Tea on Thursday August 10th.
A Warm WELCOME to our NEW 2017
Snowflake Church Camp CO-PASTORS
 Rev. George & Rev. Dianne Williams
Revs. George & Dianne come to us from the First Spiritual Church of Bay City (Michigan) where they have served for many years in various capacities.  
Rev. George grew up in Spiritualism, and Rev. Dianne was "gifted" from childhood.  Ordained in 2014, they are now eager to pastor their own congregation where they can serve and still have time to travel during the winter months as they retire from their regular jobs.  Having visited us several times, they fell in love with Snowflake and became members in 2016.  
It was a perfect match!  
They are both outstanding mediums, speakers, healers, teachers with many ideas & gifts to offer all of Snowflake members & friends.  
We so look forward to working with them in 2017
Welcome Revs. George & Diane Williams!!

Our Family Fun Retreat was a wonderful time with great fun shared by all.

We'd love to have you join us whenever you can.  
Be sure to check out our Special Events page
to see what extra things are happening.
We thank our Good Lord for His generous gifts
and wish you all His most beautiful blessings always.

We have been so blessed at Snowflake over the years in so many ways. Many improvements were accomplished the past couple of years thanks to a lot of generous people.  (See "What's New" to the left side of this page.)

We had to put in a new septic drain field that cost well over $4,000 in 2014. This was not planned in our budget, so any extra donations for this project are always welcome and appreciated.  

Pine Crest has been completely renovated inside, the bathroom addition is completed & the outside of the building has a fresh coat of paint--all thanks to your generous donations and a lot of hard work. Come for a visit and stay in Pine Crest.  You'll love it.

Our next big project will be renovating the inside of Star Cottage.  More on that later.

Come and share in our blessings and feel the love of the Christ Spirit as you walk peacefully among
 the trees, meditate by the lake or in the gazebo, and worship in the chapel.  

Join us whenever you can and enjoy the beauty of the Spirit and nature at Snowflake.  May God bless you and your family with His Love, Peace, Joy and Good Health throughout this year.  
         Everyone welcome. 


Church Camp NEW phone: (231) 735-7507 Seasonal: May -- October

President Rev. Pat Crawford's cell:  231-631-1944
Rev. Pat's email:  gcrawford3040@charter.net

For RESERVATIONS call Rev. Dianne or Rev. Pat
NEW Camp Pastors Revs. George & Dianne Williams cell:  989-430-0084
READINGS available by appointment

Rev. Betty Matthews, former Assistant Pastor at Snowflake in 2013, is now Pastor of the Spiritual Episcopal Church141 Frost Street, Eaton Rapids, MI 

(South of Lansing - North of Jackson)

If anyone is in the Eaton Rapids area,
stop in for their
church services on Sundays at 10:30 AM

For more info call Rev. Betty Matthew's cell: 517-914-5068


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